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Success stories about women who wanted to make some of their wedding items themselves and had fun making them!  Please write to us and share your story about one of our products that have helped you!!
Jennifer Lowery
Fargo, ND
When I started making my wedding plans, I wanted to find a "Save the Date" magnet that was cheap and original. That's a magnet you send out before the invitation, just to make sure people are available. But everything I looked at was boring or someone had already done it.  Then I heard about the Inkjet Magnet at and was very intrigued.  Not only was I able to design the magnet myself, but I was also able to print it and send it out on my own time.  What a fun idea, if only everything in the wedding plans was that simple!

Megan Pollert
Ashton, ID
I wanted to print my invitations myself to cut expenses, but I didn't even want to by a template, those were also too expensive. But they were also so beautiful. So while on I fond Dual-Sided Matte. I was so excited! I was doing all kinds of things on my invitations and they looked amazing, my secret was, they only looked expensive!!