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Use your InkJet Printer to print a Magic Color Page. Once the outline is printed, simply color the design with any soft-tipped marker, including washables, then iron it onto a t-shirt, cap, jeans etc. So easy to do and children LOVE the Magic Color Page. They can wear their art. The design stays fast on the color page even after many washings.
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Color with any marker (including washables)

Coloring The Magic Color Page

Iron on any color T-shirt

Iron-On The Magic Color Page

Machine washable

The Magic Color Page


What is the Magic Color Page?

Magic Color Page is PURE FUN for kids of all ages!
Designed to be colored with any marker, permanent, highlighter or washable, the 'magic' happens when your custom drawing is finished and transferred onto a T-shirt. It is now permanent! And Magic Color Page makes easy-to-do projects that are perfect for the young or young-at-heart. You simply color any picture, trim with scissors and iron onto your new t-shirt.

Kids can even design their own custom art or drawings. Moms can easily iron the new project directly onto t-shirts, jackets, denim or quilt squares. Imagine the opportunity for your kids to make their very own gifts for Grandma and Grandpa!

A great activity for your kids that doesn't involve watching TV or playing video games on the computer?

The Magic Color Page is that perfect activity. With our "magic," kids will jump at the chance to make new designs for gifts, souvenirs and their own clothing. All they need is some space on the table, a few colored markers and they are good to go.

Ideal for family activities too. Watch as your kids get excited and create something new for their own clothes. Plan a family evening or weekend afternoon together laughing and enjoying one-another's company. Is there anything better?

Just color your page as you would using crayons in a coloring book. When your custom design is complete you are ready to iron the magic page to whatever clothing you desire. It works just like any other iron on transfer you have used in the past. The transfer will be permanent, that is the 'magic' and is machine washable. You just made your very own custom iron-on transfer, it really is this easy!