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Printz Iron On inkjet Transfer Papers are easy to use with long lasting results on both light and dark color fabrics.
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Quick n Easy Transfer Paper: Professional grade transfer paper perfect for a multitude of applications on white or light colored cotton or cotton blend fabrics or other light colored porous surfaces. The white in your image transfers to transparent and reveals the color of fabric or surface under the design.

Soft n Easy Transfer Paper: With the same Professional grade quality and similar uses of our Quick n Easy transfer paper Soft n Easy can also be used on white or light colored stretchy fabrics and has a soft touch on completion.

Dark n Easy Transfer Paper: Specially designed to transfer to black or dark or bright colored fabrics, cotton blends, spandex, or other stretchy material. The white in your image transfers to white regardless of color of fabric or surface applied to.

Quick n Easy PREMIUM Transfer Paper: NEW! We are excited to introduce our even better brand new Premium Quick n Easy transfer paper. This updated transfer paper is for use on a variety of white and light colored fabrics. Can be used on stretchy fabrics such as Lycra, and even burlap and canvas. Performs as the original Quick n Easy on cotton and cotton/polyester blends with even greater results. When compared to others Quick n Easy PREMIUM Transfer Paper consistently performs superior.

Iron On Transfer Paper for more than t-shirts.
Use our iron on transfer paper on c
aps, scarves, bandanas, sweatshirts, tote bags, denim and much more. Standard rule of thumb is if it can be ironed on a cotton setting, you can transfer to it. Other fabric ideas include quilts, pillow cases, sheets, shoes (canvas deck shoes ie.). Imagine a Photo Couch. Remove the cushions, then iron as instructed. Drapes for business or child's room. Let your imagination go.
You can also use transfer paper on wood! Simply iron it onto your wood project before you varnish or clear coat.

High Quality Iron On Transfer Paper
Not all transfer paper is created equal. In fact, the differences are great. Some companies continue to produce old-fashioned t-shirt transfer paper with outdated technology. The biggest problem with the old technology is that is doesn't produce a durable product. Nothing is more aggravating than creating the perfect shirt or tote and having it ruined in the first wash. Current technology allows our transfer paper to last longer for better results.

Light Colored Fabrics
The technique for applying to white or light colored fabric is slightly different than using Dark 'n Easy transfer paper for dark fabrics. To use our product for light fabrics, you will need to mirror or reverse your image when printing. Most publishing software includes this feature. This feature is also found in most printer drivers. Simply design your project on your computer, print the t-shirt transfer paper with your inkjet printer, then iron or heat press to your white or light colored garment. Peel the backing when it is hot for a matte finish or peel it cold for a satin finish.

Dark Fabrics
Dark 'n Easy (Opaque) Inkjet Iron Transfer Paper is your choice for decorating dark fabrics. Print your design as you normally print (not in mirrored or reverse mode) and iron onto the fabric. Our Printz line of Dark 'n Easy is perfect for decorating all those dark colored shirts, jeans sweatshirts and more.