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Bake 'N Shrink - Make Your Own Ornaments!

Geraldine Stuart, Rockledge, FL. When my 6th grandchild was born, I was so excited! But I wanted to find a way to make Christmas ornaments with a picture of all of them on it plus 6 separate ornaments. I didnít want to buy a whole ornament kit, but an inexpensive way to remember them at Christmas, being as they were all living in different states. Plus I wanted to update the photos every year. Then, I came across Bake 'N Shrink at I know what youíre thinking, cheap shrinky dink paper. But even I was shocked to find out the paper was not cheap but very strong. And when I got all of my grandchildrenís pictures together, I printed them all on the Bake ĎN Shrink paper with some Christmas borders. They turned out so precious. Plus the baking time seems so short, just cool and youíre ready to hang on your tree! Iím anxious to see what kind of photos I get of them next year so I can make more ornaments for my tree!