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Photo Puzzles - Make Your Own

Shortly before Christmas last year, I heard an ad on the radio that our local print shop was making personalized photo puzzles - a great gift for every child on your list. How cool - not only do they get a puzzle to put together, but when they finish it, they have a picture of themselves. I went down and ordered one for my granddaughter, paid the $19.99 and had my puzzle the next week. She was thrilled with it - it just may have been the best gift she got.

I did some browsing on and found a Puzzle Kit that allows you to make your own photo puzzles for a fraction of the price. I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to do.

The kit comes with complete instructions and everything you need to make two photo puzzles. You simply scan your photo and print it onto the included transfer paper in either "mirror" or "reverse" image. This is so that it will be the right direction after it is applied to the puzzle. Then you lay it face down on the puzzle and press it on with your regular household iron. After you iron it on, you just peel the backing off the transfer paper and it is ready to go.

I made my first puzzle and impressed myself with it! I called to tell them how happy I was with the end result. I talked to a really nice lady who gave me some good ideas. She suggested taking the puzzle apart and putting it into a small box, then wrapping it in gift wrap. That way when the recipient opens it, they get to put it together right away and see the photo come to life. She also suggested adding text to the photo - something appropriate to go with it.

Photos of children, pets, motorcycles, cars or whatever else people are passionate about make great puzzles and fabulous personalized gifts. Everyone loves a homemade personalized gift and these puzzle kits will make you look like a pro.