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Dollar store crafting - Picture Frames

Supplies needed:
Picture frames
Inkjet printable metallic paper
Computer and inkjet printer

The dollar stores always seem to have a lot of old fashioned picture frames.
I've always wanted to play with the sepia tone and grayscale settings in
my printer driver. I had also seen some old time photos done on metallic
papers and thought the look was pretty cool.

I went to the dollar store and picked up half a dozen picture frames that I
liked. I went online to and ordered a package of inkjet
printable metallic gold paper and one of inkjet printable metallic silver

I took my wedding picture and some family photos, scanned them into the
computer, did a little digital retouching and clicked the print button. I
went into the property settings and chose sepia tone and printed it onto a
plain sheet of paper. I didn't want to waste the metallic paper if I wasn't
happy with the photo. When I was happy with the results, I printed it onto
the inkjet printable metallic gold paper. I cut it out and put it in the
frame. I printed some of the photos in black and white on the inkjet
printable metallic silver and framed those, too.

I did a grouping on the wall with the sepia tones on the gold and the black
and whites on the silver. They are beautiful and a real conversation piece
when someone comes to visit. If you are a little bit careful when you
choose your frames, nobody will every guess they came from the dollar store